Gas Safety Inspections for Gateshead

Let us help you maintain your rented properties in Gateshead. If you have tenants, you are legally required to have a valid Gas Safety Certificate (a CP12) for the property. Our engineers are qualified to carry out Gas Safety Inspections and issue the corresponding paperwork. Get your Gas Safety Certificate from us. 

Do I Need A Gas Safety Certificate?

A CP12 is a Gas Safety Certificate and is also known as a Landlord’s Certificate. If you rent out a property that has gas-powered appliances, you must have a CP12 by law.

Even if the property is only partially let, or temporarily rented; a landlord is required to have a valid Gas Safety Certificate. If you own and rent out the following, contact us for a Gas Safety Check:

What Is A Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas can be dangerous if an appliance is not properly maintained and correctly installed. To protect tenants, all the gas appliances supplied to them must be checked for safety once a year. A Gas Safety Check can only be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. The engineers at DP Heating & Gas are qualified to inspect gas appliances and issue the legal paperwork needed.

What Appliances Are Inspected?

During a Gas Safety Inspection, all gas appliances are checked for safety. We look for gas leaks and check that there is adequate ventilation. Our team also ensures that the appliance is being used correctly and that it is safely installed. The appliances checked include:

Gas Safety Inspections And Insurance

Most Landlord insurances are only valid if all legal paperwork is in order. That includes having a Gas Safety Certificate that was issued within the last 12 months. Don’t let your insurance lapse – contact our team today.

Peace Of Mind

No one wants to be responsible for a tragedy. Make sure that the property you rent out is safe for your tenants by having an annual Gas Safety Inspection.

You will be looking after the residents, and you will be protecting yourself from a claim.