Gas Cooker, Ovens & Hobs Installed

Looking for an engineer to install your new gas oven or hob? Did you know that the installer must be trained and registered as Gas Safe by law? Luckily, the engineers are DP Heating & Gas are qualified and available to fit gas cookers in Gateshead.

Gas Appliance Installers for Gateshead

If you’ve ordered a new cooker and need a qualified engineer to fit it, you’ve come to the best team in Gateshead. We have appointments to suit you. We are here to fit:

Like-for-like Replacement Gas Oven

If you’re simply changing your old gas oven to a newer model, we can do that quickly. With all the pipework already in place, we fit the replacement appliance with small adjustments for a quality installation. We check everything is up and running before we leave.

New Location For Your Gas Cooker?

If you are having a brand new kitchen and want to move your gas cooker or hob, ask us to relocate it for you. Pipework will need to be changed, but you can leave that to us. There are a few regulations that govern the location of a gas appliance – we are happy to advise you if you are not sure.

Changing From A Cooker To Hob And Oven

There are lots of different cooking appliances on the market today. If you want a change what you have, we are available to make the adjustments. Whether you want a separate hob, a wall-mounted gas oven or a duel-fuel range cooker you can trust us to install what you need.

Gas Safe Plumbers in Gateshead

As a Gas Safe registered team, we are approved to install and remove gas appliances. If you want us to shut down or remove an unused hob, oven or cooker then we are available. If you think your gas appliance is faulty or dangerous, contact us to disconnect it. Gas can be highly dangerous – never try to move, fit or take out a gas cooker without professional help.