Is your boiler service overdue? Maintaining your boiler will keep it running properly all year round and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. We recommend booking a boiler service with us every 12 months. We are based in Gateshead and service boilers in Newcastle and all nearby areas.

Qualified & Gas Safe Registered

Boiler servicing must only be completed by engineers who are Gas Safe registered and qualified. Our skilled engineers have the accreditations needed. We turn up on time and are correctly equipped to service your boiler properly.

Keep Your Boiler Warranty Valid

Keeping your boiler warranty valid is important. Usually, it is a condition of the warranty that an annual service must be carried out by an approved Gas Safety engineer. Don’t let your warranty lapse, book us for your boiler service in Gateshead every 12 months.

Serviced Boilers Work More Efficiently

A well-maintained boiler works more efficiently, and this saves you money on your monthly utility bills. With an efficient boiler, the radiators heat faster and your home warms up quickly. There is less strain on the boiler meaning that it will last longer and require fewer repairs. Putting off your boiler service could cost you more in the long run.

Potential Issues Spotted Early

When we service a boiler, we inspect the internal parts looking for wear, tear, and corrosion. If we spot a problem, we can plan a repair before a breakdown occurs. Our engineers will explain the issue and discuss what’s required with no obligation. If you want us to fit a replacement part, we are available to complete the work at a convenient time.

The removal of the boiler cover for access

A close check for carbon monoxide leaks

Filters replaced or cleaned where applicable

All components were closely inspected for corrosion

Efficiency checked

The flue is inspected for blockages

Pilot light checked

What To Expect From An Annual Boiler Service

The team at DP Heating & Gas has been servicing boilers in Gateshead for years. We have maintained most models and can get to work straight away.

We spend around an hour on your property inspecting and checking all the components of your boiler.

We just need access to the boiler, flue, gas meter and outside area, you can leave the rest to us. A boiler service includes: